Video Tutorials

Welcome to our short Video Tutorial series for Teachers. These videos show how to get started with Flohh and use the tools to simplify marking while significantly reducing the time involved.


A brief welcome to Flohh from Ange Alcock, our founder and MD.

Features Overview

Start here – This video provides a quick overview of all Flohh features and how they can reduce teacher workload and improve student educational outcomes.

01 – Create a Class

Here is what to do first when you are new to Flohh. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to create your first class.

02 – Create an Assignment

Once you have created a class, the next task is to create an Assignment for your class to complete.

03 – Create a Criteria Sheet

This next tutorial video will show you how to create and add a Criteria Sheet to your Assignment.

04 – Comment Bank

Learn how to re-use comment banks from past assignments.

05 – Annotations part 1

Organise your Annotations – See how best to set up your personal Annotation Bank.

06 – Annotations part 2

Drag-and-Drop – It’s simple to add your annotations onto a student’s work while marking.

07 – Bulk Upload

Learn how you can bulk upload a full set of handwritten Assignments from your class.

08 – Student Goals

Here’s how to use the Learning Goals on Flohh to help students increase achievement.

09 – Student Upload

Have your students simply upload their handwritten assignments using their mobile phone.

Training, Support & Security

We aim to help you get up to speed quickly and ensure using Flohh is a great experience. Our support team is here to help whenever you need it.

Simple Tutorials

The Flohh tutorials page is a dedicated resource for teachers using Flohh. These short video tutorials show you how to get started and maximise Flohh’s features for your teaching style.

LiveChat Support

When using Flohh, both Teachers and Students have immediate access to our support team through the simple LiveChat service. All members of our support team have current a WWCC.

School Training

We conduct dedicated school training sessions to ensure your teaching team is quickly set up and fully equipped to start utilising all the new efficiencies gained when implementing Flohh.

Data Security

All Flohh data is securely stored using Microsoft Azure Servers in Australia. Flohh has been built to exceed all Australian Education Department and Australian Schools Standards for data security.

Start using Flohh today – FREE

See first hand how Flohh is totally ‘changing the game’ when it comes to teacher workload and student engagement.

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Teachers are taking control of their workload… Helpng students… And feeling happy!


If you're interested in beng part of a group who's objective is 'finding ways to reduce teacher workload while increasing educational outcomes' then, complete the form below and we'll keep you updated when we establish this teachers community.



If you are interested in being part of a group who's objective is 'finding new ways to reduce teacher workload while increasing educational outcomes' then, complete the form below and we'll kep you updated when we establish this Teachers Community.


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